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GO-YF Air Cooled Complete Ozone Generator

Ozone output: 5G/Hr, 10G/Hr, 15G/Hr, 20G/Hr, 30G/Hr, 40G/Hr, 50G/Hr and 60G/Hr

Ozone concentration: between 30Mg/L to 60Mg/L


·Ozone generator is air cooled type unit, cooling fan will take away the heat which released by ceramic ozone tubes and electric cards.

·All-in-one structure. All feed gas treatment devices are installed inside: Refrigerant air dryer, oil free air compressor, condenser, PSA oxygen generation system, ozone tubes with special power supply and other accessories are installed in one cabinet.

·Power control device use with over current, over voltage protection device, for ensuring ozone machine running safety

Control system:

Voltmeter, Ampmeter, Timer, Switch, Start, Stop, Emergency stop, Working LED, Power LED


·Laboratory: chemical oxidation for raw material of flavors and fragrances, small water treatment experiment

·Beverage process industry: such as pure water, spring water and any other water sterilization and disinfection

·Fruits & vegetables process industry: such us keep fresh, storage etc

·Food process industry: water, workshop, sterile room, equipments, tools

·Pharmaceutical industry: water, air conditioner, workshop, dressing room, sterile room etc

·Medical: ward, operating room, medical devices, sterile room etc


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